Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pretty Treats and Reclaimed Treasures

I've been playing around with some new techniques this week. A friend from the NLWM group posted directions on how to make your own Washi tape on her blog, Lazy Lizard Studio, and I just had to give it a shot! Super simple and cheap to make with supplies already in the medicine cabinet--yes! Medical tape! I spritzed mine with the homemade spray paints I'd made, let dry, then stamped 'em up:
Pretty tapes on the bottoms of the envelopes I'd made for NLWM--who doesn't love a rainbow??
Then, this quote has been popping up everywhere for me, so thought I'd play with it for the letter cut outs lesson for Letter Love:
Still want to paint this on a slate with a little beachie scene...
And my dear hubby I think must've been a pirate in a previous life because he is the ultimate treasure finder! He found these two cabinets hiding in the basement of one of the stores he works at, covered in dust and forgotten. No one wanted them, so off he went yesterday to bring them home...

A lighted hutch that's now in our diningroom

Not quite sure yet what we'll fill the display case with on this one but
fun storage space in the top and bottom--really a cool piece! More art toys, anyone??

And this is simply the missing loveseat that matches the couch hubby's sister had given us to replace the one Tucker ate in PA...His nephew's had it and no longer needed it now that he's bought new furniture. The bottom liner needs tacked up but apparently it's passed Tucker's approval! Oh good! Hahaha!
We also kicked off Spring Break yesterday and since Bug had pre-bowled on Thursday, we skipped his league and headed to the Ocean Explorium in downtown New Bedford. It's not very big but it certainly packs a whole lot into such a small place. Bug got to pet sharks and rays, which we got to watch being hand fed--they have a baby ray that's SO cute!! He also got to hold bay and sea scallops(that squirted at him! Haha), a quohog, a clump of mussels, a sea whelk, and an oyster--really cool. Plus they have a beautiful octopus that put on a little show for us, climbing around her tank so you could see how long her tentacles are and watch as she flashed changing colors, then tucked herself neatly back into a shell--so pretty!

Not sure what we'll get up to today, though it's supposed to be fairly nice weather-wise...mayhaps we'll go for a family stroll on the beach this afternoon and pick up some more seashells...
Happy Weekend!!

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.
Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
~1 John 4:7,8


  1. What a great pirate he is! Those are great finds! I LOVE the card stock and washi tape you made......yes, everybody does love a rainbow!!

  2. Love your washi tape and Beach page! and I am envious of your furniture finds!!