Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Windows are Coming! The Windows are Coming!

We're having our new windows installed today and I'm kinda excited about it. Kinda nervous, too, since this is by far the most expensive home improvement project Bill and I have ever undertaken. We've never stayed anywhere long enough to bother with such investments before, so I'm taking this as a positive sign that we just may stick around here a while...(Can I get an Amen and a Hallelujah!?)

Plus, it's a way of moving forward from the events of last week here in MA--and I just need that right now. I've been rather shocked into a stunned silence after the Boston marathon bombing and the aftermath that occured too close to home for comfort. Seeing the police cars swarming the campus at Dartmouth Friday morning as we left a nearby grocery store, helicopters flying over our house so low it sounded as though they might take some shingles with them, and sitting glued to the TV all that night waiting for resolution as the second brother hid himself in the boat, praying he'd live and no one else would be hurt in the stand off.

My heart broke for Martin Richard's family and I gasped in horror at the photo of Dzokar spotted behind them at the finish line, the bomb filled backpack laid on the ground, as Martin cheered on the runners. How do you take your child anywhere in this world and feel safe anymore? I'm so sickened by it all. I don't understand the hatred, the blatant disregard for innocent human life. Still, something inside me wanted Dzokar to come out of this okay and I didn't understand that at all. I thought maybe he'd been coerced into all of this by an idolized big brother. I wanted to believe maybe this wasn't his true choice. How could anybody choose to do something so awful...? I don't get it. Not at all.

So I've been rather numb this past week. I've managed some art time but I didn't take pictures. I am so thankful for all the beautiful mail I've received for NLWM, a shining light in this otherwise bleak time. I need to gather up all the gorgeous goodies that have turned up in my mailbox but think with it being so close to the end, I'll just wait 'til it is all over and take one big shot of all of it--though I really don't think it'll all fit in one frame! Such wonderful amazing talent and even more incredible loving new friends--this has been so much fun and I'm already looking forward to joining in again next year! Of course, the fun will continue through the remainder of 2013 as we're sending out Random Acts of Mail to individuals who need a reminder that the sun is still shining and there are always people who care to put a smile on their face. So I've got a little pile of mail I need to put together to go out today-five NLWM participants and two more RAM's--and who knows what fun I'll find in my own box this afternoon...? Yay!

Pictures, pictures, pictures...I did take "Before" pictures of the house with our old windows and will post them later with "After" shots hopefully tomorrow! They've already finished the upstairs and are halfway done with the downstairs and they've only been here three hours! And I need to catch up on arting pictures as well. I finished Letter Love. Well, I'm not doing the final project which is a lettering journal of repeated lesson projects, all bound together by hand with decorative tape. Eh...I can always go back and do it later if I should so decide. For now I'm moving on to new things. I just started working my way through Creative Lettering by Jenny Doh which I'm LOVING!! And still paging through the Art Journaling magazine--so, so pretty...My faces project...has quite a bit to be desired but I'll keep practicing. And take pictures. Blogs are rather boring without pretty pictures. So here's a few:

We took the boys to Buttonwood Zoo last week for Spring break--had a gorgeous day! Colin, Bug, and Jacob

Mama Elephant

I love Screech Owls

Bugga did some hand art! He also whipped up a few postcards last week to play along with NLWM (stupid Mom didn't get pics of those either....drat)

I love his signature!
All right--happy week, hoping for happier times anyway...Also hoping I can find some peace today and tomorrow amid window contractors and whining dogs to get some arting done (and take pictures!!!) See you soon...

Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
~Isaiah 40:30-31

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