Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Now What...

Well, here we are in May, another month gone by and I just don't know where this year is going. April's National Letter Writing Month flew by. I had so much fun making cards and seeing all the wonderful treasures the mailman brought every day and my mailbox seems so empty, bland, and disappointing now that the fun is over until next year...Here's a quick pic of all the pretty cards and goodies I received:
Seriously a whole lot of mail fun!
We've also been having some work done around the house. All the new windows are installed and wonderful--so pretty, white and fully functioning! The weather's even been cooperating and I've had the windows open every day--heavenly! Then last week we had a crew of guys insulating and sealing the house...oh what a mess that was! It was crowded and noisy with six guys in and out of the house all day long, the poor pups were shut up in the basement the entire time. Then, they somehow made a mistake when they drilled the wall behind our kitchen sink and blew insulation all threw the cabinets and filled my baking pans and containers with the shredded paper. Dust everywhere--EVERYWHERE! I don't know how I didn't have a complete meltdown...and, yay--they're coming back on Monday to 'finish'. So over having all these strangers in my house making more for me to clean up...grrrr....
But, a bigger concern was my little family of sparrows who had moved into our stove vent. With all the noise and hoses and drilling right around their nest, I was afraid they'd abandoned ship and I'd never see them again. I didn't hear them in the mornings for a couple days, but then the other morning I heard them scratching around in the vent again--so happy! Really looking forward to listening to the babies soon!

Have no idea how they even get in there
Papa Jack Sparrow
Our front yard is full of violets...which are supposedly weeds?! A Scotts Lawn Care salesman stopped by the other day to see if we wanted help with our 'weed situation'...What?? I love my violets!! I don't have an obsession with a perfect green lawn, I like happy little flowers sprinkling the yard! Our neighbors may not share my point of view but they can obsess over their own lawns--leave mine alone!!
So pretty!
And now that NLWM is over, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my time again. I haven't tangled in well over a month and finally picked up my Tangle a Day calendar for a little bit of play this week (pay no attention to the dates....yikes!) A lot of fun and makes me want to jump back in to the Diva challenges again. I can't participate in the zendala challenges for the time being since our computer in the office died, which was hooked up to our now defunct as well printer...So, after I get over the shock of the cost of the new laptop, we'll eventually get another printer and I can begin playing with the zendala dares as well...yay!

But still playing with lettering and doodling...wanting to dabble more with art journaling and have a few things that I'm working on. Pictures, pictures as things get finished and I get less frustrated with this Windows 8 program (hate it!!!) Anyways...thanks as always for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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