Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Slow Week

I've had zero artistic inspiration this week. I've piddled with lettering practice, did one so-so zentangle card for Random Acts of Mail, and have mostly fizzled. Just not feeling it. Blame it on the drizzly yucky weather maybe, who knows. It's been grey and rainy all week and my mood has been damp and dreary right along with it.
Finally yesterday I decided to flip through my inspiration files I've stored up from Pinterest, hoping to spark a little something--anything--and came across a Martha Lever piece I had fallen in love with and did up my own quick version:

I love Martha's chunky lettering and beautiful colors. And it was an excuse to break out my Aquamarkers to color this in--so much fun to blend and play!

Now Memorial Day weekend is upon us, although I doubt the rain has any plans for letting up...We don't have any big plans for the holiday. Bill's dad is barely hanging on. Hospice has been coming every day this past week and a priest has given him his last rites. So we'll be sticking close to home, just in case. Prayers for a peaceful passing are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm hoping for a more inspired week ahead. Bugga starts summer bowling next week already and we have a couple weeks left of guitar lessons and basketball, so a little harried overlap for a while...Better busy than bored! Have a great holiday--thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love your aqua marker mastery here! Beautiful card. I have not been feeling particularly inspired over the last week or two either, and I really hate trying to force myself to draw, so I just take a break :) Eventually it comes back.