Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Almost Here!

Getting ready for next month's mailbox barrage (hee hee hee!!) has felt a little like leading up to Christmas for me. Who doesn't love getting mail?! I've been so super excited, I've had a hard time sitting on my cards and not mailing early (rules are rules, people!!) Finally on Thursday I caved and put out my first batch and then a second stack yesterday--all going to the far west coast so there was no chance of anything being delivered before our official starting date of Monday, the first. Of course, I've mailed things from here in MA to our next door neighbors in NH and it took forever and a day to make it there--go figure?? Our beloved postal service...Nevertheless--the time is finally upon us to mail like mad all month for April--hooray!! I can't wait to see what goodies this way come!

I did whip up two more postcards this week (and really need to get on the ball to keep up with my goal of four cards being mailed per day! Yipes!) But I've really been wanting to get back on track with Letter Love, which I kind of put on the back burner while I was so immersed in card making--then it hit me to incorporate the one into the other--shazah! I know, I'm a little slow sometimes--fortunately I got there before the month was over!

So, okay, there's no letter lovin' in the flower design (which I came across on Pinterest--such brilliant inspiration now that I have it geared only towards art interests!) But, the quote on the first one came from Dance Moms--apparently inspiration can come from just about anywhere! Haha! The choreographer Cathy had hired, shared this quote before their boys went out on stage and I absolutely loved it! I'm not necessarily in love with how my lettering turned out....but the flowers are cute. Must keep practicing...

And joining in a new blog challenge I stumbled across the other day, artist Diana Evans hosts Sweet Saturdays as a place to share something sweet in our lives, be it art, photos, food, recipes...and for me, looking forward to National Letter Writing Month is super sweet!!

Have a terrific Saturday and a super Happy Easter! Beachin' it tomorrow early, early for the sunrise service!! Thanks for stopping by!
Now may the God of grace and peace let His face shine upon you. Be aware of His relentless tenderness and devotion to you. Sense the power of His spirit. Be kind to others as He has been kind to you. Give grace as He has given grace to you. Grant the message of salvation to someone as He has granted it to you. Go in peace.
“This promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away. It is for everyone the Lord our God calls to Himself.” Acts 2:39


  1. I want to thank you for visiting my blog. So sweet you left a comment. If you want to translate my blog, you can go on my blog at the rightsidebar to the google translate button. There you can pick the ( i don't know the right word...) what you can reed Ü..
    I like the the 2 drawings you made a lot. Love the collors.
    Have a nice easter.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. beautiful as always, dawn. i need to get back on track with letter love also. maybe we can encourage each other :) and now i'm totally intrigues with this Sweet Saturdays. especially with kali getting ready to move to maryland to attend L'Academie de Cuisine to become a professional pastry chef! she'd probaby love this challenge, too!

    1. Ooo--yay! How soon does she go? Too soon, right? =0) Yeah girl, get back in there with Letter Love! I got stuck on lesson five for a while but finally got past it and moved on...up to nine or ten now? Delightfully Doodled Alphas--pretties!! Are you on the Facebook group? Lots of nice folks there! Happy Easter!!