Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Bug & a Cool Giveaway!

Well, March is here and I've gotten the Spring Cleaning Bug. I've been accumulating stacks and piles of arting stuff in little corners here and there around the house lately and it's starting to work on my nerves. I. Do. Not. Like. Clutter. At-all. If anyone else left something laying out of place I'd pitch a fit but somehow I've let myself get carried away and now enough is enough. All these little odds and ends need to find a home or find their way to the trash can. And then the deep clean begins.

I saved this handy dandy Spring Cleaning chart some time ago and have it lined up to print out later today, so thought I'd share it with you all in case you're ready to dig in and clear out as well:

Everyone loves a good checklist and this one's even pretty!
I got absolutely NOTHING done artistically all weekend, though I did gather up a bunch of goodie supplies: fixative for my pastels, gesso and Mod Podge, a few Sharpie glitter paint pens and the cutest box for stashing my pens and pencils on clearance at Office Max! I did get my date stamper and am all set to get my groovy journal going (today? Maybe? Diva challenge should be up, Chocolate Baroque has posted their March challenge and the Zia group's TOW is to play with Mooka...and my calendar sits listfully on one of those dreaded piles I've been meaning to clean up and tuck away...) And, yes, I do have quite a list of Monday cleaning and grocery shopping I must do as well....Not looking like there's much Downton Abbey time today...drat! Such is life...

But I also wanted to share a quick link to a wonderful giveaway on a favorite blog by Dion Dior. She is participating in what looks like an amazing workshop called 21 Secrets, along with a whole crew of incredibly talented artists and they are giving away one sweet course entrance to some lucky applicant--just sign up here!

All right, so happy Monday! Get that cleaning checklist printed out and start marking it off! Have a great week!!

Go today in the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the promise of your life and the promise of His return be the hope of your day.
“Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the Lord Jesus Christ
with His mercy to give you life forever.”
Jude 21

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  1. I wasn't aware that we'd had a good long talk about decluttering......... when did that happen? I'm doing the same here - looks like we're (hopefully) moving house so decluttering & rehoming. Richard is a very very tidy person - tends to tidy a plastic bag away (rubbish bin) as I'm going to get the item to put in it.........
    Paula (PEP)