Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome August

I was getting a little worried that I wouldn't have anything to share with you this week. The days zipped by with so many other distractions going on. I'm beginning to feel that end of summer panic when the days flash by like lightening, here and gone in a blink and before you know it that sweet face that's been glued to the computer screen all summer is gone at school again, living his little life without you and you're left wondering what did we do with our time? Did he have fun? Does he miss me? Just a little? Yeah, no...He's too busy to be missing me...rotten little crack monkey...

But we did squeeze in some creativity time Monday! We went to Michaels with another 40% off coupon and picked up a cammo tie dye kit. I'd bought Bug a t-shirt to tie dye while he was at Lutherlyn this summer, but he went and bought a shirt from the camp store like the rest of the kids--it had to say 'Lutherlyn' on it! I'da done the exact same thing...So, we were left with this extra white t-shirt then and I'd promised him we'd do a tie dye afternoon one day. Monday was that day. He picked the cammo kit, which said it could dye up to eight shirts, so I grabbed one of my old shirts then his stack of undershirts that he wears for jammie tops and figured we'd cammo tie dye a bunch of those while we were at it! Why not? So, shirts all prepped and dampened and twisted and folded and gum-banded, laid everything out on big trash bags on the floor of the back porch and dyed our little hearts out. It was so easy and we were both totally excited to see how they'd turn out the next day--almost felt like Christmas! Here are our results:
I can't wait to do more! Too cool!! And so easy!
So that brings me to the Zentangle challenges for the week. First was Erin's Zendala Dare #16:
Striping, Paradox, Fracas, Ibex, Mysteria
And! Erin guest posted on the Diva's Weekly Challenge #81 with this Zendala dare:

Zenbud, Florz, Cruffle
It took me most of the afternoon to commit to this final design but I'm really happy with it. The center started off so busy with the bud and cruffle swirls, but adding a little color helped separate things and give some much needed definition. I smile looking at this one =0) Success!

I still have to jump back into that art journal again and I have a couple ideas floating about in my head...Maybe I'll get to work on some of that later this week. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you back again soon!


  1. BEautiful!
    Lovely pastel colors.

  2. A garden of beautiful tangles!

    1. Did I mention how your first tile shines?!

  3. This is lovely. It makes me smile too!

  4. dawn - your tie dye shirts turned out great - i've never given in to the requests for that one - i may have to change my mind on that one :)

    both your zendalas turned out great - i love the color on the second - and i agree that the color really defines that center area - so beautiful!

  5. Very nice work again! The color in the second zendala is so delicate! Absolutely adorale!

  6. I really enjoyed this post. It made me smile. :) First, on your t-shirts - great! And I think it's wonderful you do that kind of creative thing with your child.....many parents can't find the time :(. Second, both your challenge and your dare are lovely. I especially like the colors you used on one of them.

  7. I like both zendalas, but I smiled as soon as I saw your second one. It has such a soft, pretty feel. I love it!

  8. Great designs, both. You ARE productive! :)

  9. Both are wonderful, two completely different feels. Your first is so rich and textured and the second so sweet and lively!

  10. I just love your 1st zentangle... wish I was that good. I have a long way to go.