Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Artful Wednesday Has Moved

It's been a surprisingly productive week. Well, okay, Bug is at day camp this week so it really ought to be a productive week, right? I'm only surprised because I've managed to create a little bit in the absence of our usual routine. Okay, and surprised by the fact that, thanks to some wonderful words of encouragement from the girls in our Zia Yahoo group, I took the plunge and completed my first art journal page--and am happy to say I'm really excited about doing more! It was a huge help to have some great challenges up this week, and I discovered a few new websites that I've fallen in love with: A Year in the Life of an Art Journal, Inspiration Avenue, and Daisy Yellow-three art journaling sites with brilliant ideas and lots of sweet eye candy to drool over. A Year in the Life's current journal prompt (they do two a month-one on the first, the second on the 15th) is Summer. So many great ideas sprang to mind, I only wished my art journal was bigger to fit it all in! But, I can always do more than one page, right? This is my very first art journal page:

A few great shots of Bug and his buddies-he's having an awesome summer!
Then the Diva's Weekly Challenge is to be inspired by the Olympic rings. I sketched this out yesterday afternoon, figuring I'd finish it today, but it ate at me until I sat down and finished it last night. My rings are a little wonky, but overall this was a fun challenge!
Challenge 79: Olympics
And I finished one more Auraknot tangle:

The remaining prompts I have to work on are inspired by fruit and love...Having a great week and I hope you are too! Thanks for stopping by!

The buttons are multiplying!!



  1. Filling in the circles with perfect designs and then adding the vines on the background is so perfect for the challenge! Love the way the auraknot turned out!

  2. Your circles are perfect! I like the designs you used in the circles.

  3. Love! Love! Love! Your Olympic Challenge entry. What a beauty!

  4. Your rings are great! Drawing freehand circles is quite a challenge just by itself. Your auraknot is also cool. Reminds me very much of origami.

  5. Sweet kids you have there. Your olympic challenge is beautiful. Perfect circles and designs, and the leaves remind me of the leaf wreaths the early Greeks supposedly wore on their heads. Your auraknot came out very nicely too.

  6. Great job on your journal page. It just screams, boys, fun, summer, camp and love! Your ring challenge is wonderful and sweet and Auraknot is fab!

  7. Great journal page. Love the background! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I really like your black and white interpretation of the Olympic rings! Lots of beautiful pen work!