Friday, July 13, 2012

A Tangle Blog!

I was so excited about this Auraknot challenge that I decided to start a new blog specifically for posting challenge related tangles, rather than waiting and posting them on my writing blog. This way, I can post and link up anytime during the week AND not have to explain patterns or challenges since these posts will only be linked up to site specific challenges, so viewers will already understand what's going on each week (right?)

So, I was completely intimidated by Auraknot when Rick and Maria first posted this new tangle-it looked way too complicated for a novice like me to figure out and I was just going to skip the challenge altogether. Then...I took the time to watch their video demo of how Auraknot is done and Wow!! I got it!! There are so many possibilities for this tangle!! I can't wait to play, play, play with all that it can be....

But first, the Tangle Journal Prompt this week was Triangles, so I overlapped a couple triangles, saw a super star that would be perfect for Auraknot and away I went! The triangles got lost as I Auraknotted outside as well as on the inside and it all rather reminds me of Hibred? So this was two challenges in one:
Auraknot triangles
I also used a regular graphite pencil to shade for the first time ever and dug out the pack of tortillions I bought a couple years back and never used...Oooo! That was fun!! I love discovering new toys!

Then!! As I pondered Auraknot, it occurred to me that Fengle would be an interesting outline to do a little knotting with and so came this:
AuraFengleKnot, Vega spiral, and Floatfest
I shaded again with the graphite and tortillion and it gave a shine on the stemmies along the bottom from the camera flash! I wish I hadn't gone so dark with the Floatfest, but this is how we learn...I'm definitely going to play more over the weekend with Auraknot and maybe more triangles--just having too much fun!!



  1. Oh wow, this is really wonderful what you did. I like your second best. It's gorgeous!

  2. Very fun. I love your Fengle Auraknot star bubble-container!

  3. Aren't you the busy one. Now I have to follow you at two blogs. It should be worth seeing where you are going. I am glad you visit and I can add some humor. Can tangles be nude? Jim

    1. Jim!
      So glad you stopped over!! Tangles may be nude, I believe, if you don't shade or color? They maybe tangled IN the nude if one is of the mind to do so...which I'm sure if you were to tangle it most certainly would be, a-hem, ala freshca--haha! =0)

  4. Wow, you havd fun with this! I still haven't mastered fengle so it is very motivating to see what can be done with it. This is lovely!

  5. They are both beautiful and I must say the second is my favorite! It just has so much to see and enjoy!