Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Snowed!!

Woke up this morning to a gorgeous white wintery wonderland outside-well, I really woke up to lights flashing in the windows a little after three a.m....There was a team of snow plows doing a tango, making quick work of the snow covered streets. It was really fun watching them--I'd never witnessed anything like it before. We'd always just had one big plow run a quick path down the one side of the street and then make another quick pass going up the other side. Here, I'm guessing because of the way our streets run wide in the corners, they worked together-one would push a pile of snow to the middle of the street then another would come from another angle to  push the pile to the curb, back up and they'd make another pile, push it to the curb, working their way around our deep, turn around corners. To me it looked like they were having fun, this little snow plow dance in the middle of the street...I could've watched them all day, I think, but once our corner was all neatly scraped clear, off they went to work on the rest of the neighborhood....

Then I watched as the moon settled over the trees out back and the sun slowly rose in the opposite direction. Pink washed the sky out front as the grey of the night sank softly away. The clouds were a feathery mist, flanking the moon in a ring of red that my camera just couldn't quite pick up. Magical, this first snow, so always makes me feel like a kid again!

Winter wonderland

Watching the moon sinking in the horizon

So wide awake and full of excitement, I pulled out my Tangle A Day 2013 calendar and thought I might start to play (Carole Ohl, of Open Seed Arts and the calendar's creator, said it was okay...) I'm really looking forward to taking some lettering courses this year and fancied up a Happy New Year, then also in awe of Helen William's latest post with Mooka, I went a little Mooka-ish with my numbers....I'll fill it in more and post again--it was just fun getting started this morning! Yay!!

Happy New Year everybody!!

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  1. Beautiful snow pics, Dawn :) Love your gorgeous lettering - I am a terrible writer & have always wanted to take a calligraphy course but haven't been able to make it happen yet. Happy New Year!