Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zendala Dare #27

Well, I managed to finish a dare on time this week-Erin's Zendala #27 from over at the Bright Owl. I spent some time yesterday morning at my sister-in-law's while she took her father to a doctor's appointment. I hung out just in case Mom woke up. I addressed all our Christmas cards and then tackled the Zendala dare. A very productive morning. Brought it home to fill it in and shade and viola! Here it is:

I'm missing color. I really want to play with my Tombows and Aquamarkers...I know I should be thankful to have the time and state of mind to be creative but, still...I want to do more!! I'm hoping to get Laura's Diva challenge done today or tomorrow (wishful thinking since it's not even started...)

The good news is that I received my first commission this week-a pet portrait of a sweet little dog I used to pet sit back in PA who sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently. I'm excited to break out my acrylics, brushes, and slates again, though a bittersweet memorial...Miss Holly was such a love. I'm hoping I can capture her sweet spirit.

I'm also hoping to make it to a pumpkin patch today or tomorrow--Halloween is knocking on the door already and we have no pumpkins! I learned I'm dreadfully low on our stock of candy according to the bus stop moms (actually two grandmas and a dad...) They say they go through a good fifteen to twenty bags of candy every year and I don't even have half of that...Seriously?? Craziness....

So, time to scrounge up some breakfast and start working on Laura's challenge while the house is still quiet...Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!


  1. Dawn, it is beautifull done and i love your center. It looks like it floats above!

  2. I love the tangles you've chosen... Striping, Allium and Shing all look great.

  3. Its beautiful done Dawn. I like the center part it looks to candy to me (ha ha, candy enough for halloween) . You did a great job by having the right balance between the darker and the lighter pieces. Great :)

  4. Really, addressed all your Christmas Cards already?? You are so on top of things....