Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Challenges

Having another great week of zentangle fun! I was up until after nine finishing the Diva Challenge last night (way past my usual bedtime of 7:30--definitely not a night owl! Haha!) But once I'm in that mode, it's hard to stop. I would've lain there awake obsessing about finishing, so it only made sense to stick with it and get 'er done!

First, the Bright Owl's Zendala Dare #28 I loved this template but I wasn't happy with the progress of my design until it was shaded in, then I was a bit happier. Still feels heavy and clunky to me...

And I don't know why the background appears so blue, other than poor lighting...Felt very 'Queen of Hearts' but not sure if I managed to capture that...At least I got some color in this week!

Then the Diva's Weekly Challenge #92, a little string theory challenge to use stripes for your string. I decided to go a little 'Hollibaugh' with my stripes:

I could totally play with this striped string theory a lot more--so many ideas floating in my head but there's only so much time in the week and new challenges come out tomorrow...Plus! This is the sweet baby girl I get to paint a portrait of:

Those ears!! And her cute little nose...miss our precious baby Holly!! But getting cracking on that--basecoated the slate, have to pull paints yet (I love thinking of colors!) And I keep looking at my stash of pens and markers and colored much fun stuff to play with, if only there were more hours in the day!!

Oh! I've entered a couple more swaps: a Christmas Secret Santa swap for the Zia Yahoo group, and a zentangle bookmark swap on Facebook! Need to start thinking about those as, fun, fun!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you next week! (Watching the weather reports on Frankenstorm...and off to Walmart to stock up this morning! Yikes!!)


  1. They are both beautiful Dawn. I do like the holibaugh stripes. Great with the black background so that the stripes really pop-up. The patterns are beautiful. The look to me like real middleaged ribbons. And i can almost imagine how queens have thes on their ball dresses. Wel done!

  2. Your Zendala is quite spectacular & I absolutely love the Queen of Hearts allusions. I can see the chessboard & I see both spades & hearts in Pokeleaf - the little additions of red in along the stems is just such a brilliant piece of attention to detail.
    Your castellations are a lovely touch & I can't get over the dimension you created in this. Your signature chop is a real beauty.
    The Hollibaugh for Stripes looks fun too - I'm hoping to have a bit of a play with that one but have some tangling coursework to catch up on.
    There are tears in my eyes as I realize that once again He has put someone who knows Him along the creative blogging path. Thank you.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Love your Queen of Hearts zendala - it really does have a theme related feel - and just the right amount of red! Well done holibaugh string - lots of fabulous tangles!

  4. love the dark background-it makes the stripes pop.
    they look like jeweled bracelets

  5. Your stripes are really good. You have used some super tangles.

  6. What a beatifull zentangle!
    Your zentangle, i understand your heaviness!

  7. Your zendala looks wonderful - love the red highlights. Love the stripes, too. Terrific pattern choices and shading :)

  8. my first comment disappeared in cyberspace! Love your zendala - the touches of red are beautiful :) Pattern choices/shading look great on the stripes challenge. Lovely work!

  9. Your zendala may be a bit heavy Dawn, but it is still very beautiful with these colours. The challenge is great, I love the black background.

  10. Very bold with the red and black--commands attention.
    Like the strings one, too.
    What a sweet face! Hope to see the work in progress. :)

  11. I love your stripes and "baby Holly".

  12. I love the way you used hollinaugh to do your's gorgeous!

  13. dawn - i like how you used hollibaugh to do your stripe challenge - pretty cool!

  14. Beautiful work! I love the zendala - to me it is perfect. I love the picture of the sweet dog.

  15. Oh Dawn, both of these are truly stupendous!