Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where is This Month Going??

Time is simply flying through my fingers this month, which is good since that means we're that much closer to moving. Still, there's a shock to look at the date and realize that the month is three quarters of the way over?! When did that happen?? Still reminding myself to breathe...
So, I didn't think I'd have very much to show this week. I was couch bound most of the weekend with one of the worst migraines I've had in a while and I didn't accomplish any of what I had hoped to achieve. But, I did get a couple projects done since my last post. Neither of them are challenge related, though. My zendala for the Bright Owl is almost finished and I have the string ready for the Diva's I'm getting there.
But here is what I did manage to accomplish last week:
String 15, 'Nzeppel, Nipa, Tripoli, Baton, Springkle, Msst
And this little number is called a Stella Octangula that I tangled for a great friend and my favorite boss ever, Becky. It went fairly quick because the sections are small and you only do one tangle per triangle. Cut it all out and glue it all together...
 And it looks like this:

It's all packed up and ready to go, just have to scoot it to the post office and it will be on its way south to beautiful Tennessee!
That's all I have artistically to offer up this week. I'll post again when I get the zendala and Diva challenges finished. But here are a few pics of Bug, Lenny, and crazy Tucker--some of the love that keeps me going every day:

This is what you see if you look in our office most afternoons-Bug at the computer playing Minecraft with Lenny on his shoulder. The two are inseparable any more. I love it!

Bug 'n his bird

Tucker's latest toy is a terra cotta planter he's been hauling around the backyard.
Look at all the leaves already!! Fall is upon us!!
There you have it. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by. Enjoy the rest of the week and come back and visit again soon!

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