Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Tangled Tuesday

I'm posting a little early this week because, well, I'm ready! I haven't written at all on Life in the Trenches this past mood being all in a bunch, but I've been busy playing with challenges (a serious thank you to Laura, Erin, Patty, and Tammy for coming up with these to keep me happily occupied rather than wallowing in my misery!!) So, off we go!
First is the weekly Zendala Dare #20 from Erin at the Bright Owl:
I started with the center, feeling rather organic and let it grow from there.
Patterns: Botanica, Boxwood, Chakras, Cruffle, and Laine

Then Laura's Weekly Diva Challenge #84 was to close your eyes, put your pencil to the paper and draw a blind string to tangle. I must say, I did a pretty good string for not looking at what I was doing!
 And so using my blind string I jumped into Patty's Tangle Journal Prompt #31 to tangle with purple and yellow! I love purple so this was a joy to do and the yellow is a little hard to see in the pic, but it adds such a cool punch! Thanks Patty!
Patterns: 'Nzeppel and Coaster
One of the art journal prompts this week from Daisy Yellow was to create a map of someplace imaginary, which immediately made me think of 'Dawn's World'--where my husband says I live. Hey, it's my happy place and people like me there!

 Almost done...this is my bittersweet Back to School Idea Journal page...Bug starts fifth grade tomorrow!! Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did summer go???

 Last but not least, well, quite possibly's my least favorite of the week. I am trying to tackle the pattern Tripoli and I think it's still beating me...But I'll keep at it. Another huge thank you to Shelly Beauch who kindly helped me with a little Tripoli tutorial--she makes it look so easy!! I really  don't like how the graphite shading picks up a glare from the camera flash--I really prefer to shade with a black colored pencil...

So there's my week in review, at least artistically...Thanks for swinging on by. Hopefully I'll get to rambling once more over at the Trenches this coming week once we get back into our school time routine and the house is all empty and quiet again...Hope to see you next week!


  1. Wow much work this week, Zendala is great, way to use those new tangles. Love your blind string, so much atmosphere and great shading. Your map is great, what a nice place to live.

  2. I always have to stick around for a while and enjoy all of your work for the week.....they are wonderful but I really want to tell you that your blind string challenge is fantastic!

  3. Everything is so beautiful. I love the map!

  4. Dawn, I get a kick out of reading your blog :) The blind-sighted tangle this week with the purple and yellow is gorgeous, and I loved your map! A money tree AND a chocolate forest? Life is good!

  5. I am always amazing about the time they are spending on drawing!
    Your zentangle dare is beauitifull!

  6. beautiful. Love the purple and yellow - works brilliantly.

  7. Love all these, especially the blind string one!!

  8. Particularly like that blind string one - nice work!!

  9. tangle with purple and yellow is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love, love, love your blind string - beautiful nzeppel - the colors just give everything such warmth, depth, and life!!

  11. wow! you've been super busy :) tripoli is not my friend - i love the way it looks when someone else draws it :)

  12. Awesome post! I would never pick purple and yellow but it looks fabulous! Will have to remember that. Your artwork is delightful (especially the dear school bus).