Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Pattern--Billows

Our Zia group's Tangle of the Week to kick off February is to explore the patterns and possibilities of the Ogee Curve. I started to play around with a few things after looking at the given examples of Beanpodz, Slalom, Groovy, Jilli, Pavonia, Skein, and Skrumble (you can view all of these on Tangle Patterns) Inspiration struck when I tried a new direction in the line fill and, viola! A new pattern is born: Billows! (If you only knew the craziness that ensued trying to come up with a name this morning...) Here is a quick step out and tile I did:

Billows, Beanpodz, 'Nzeppel
It feels a little 'Bunzo-y', especially colored in, but different since it begins with the Ogee pattern curve. It's really fun to draw and forgiving when your curves aren't perfect...Imagining coloring possibilities as well--hmmm! Give it a whirl!